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Tagliatrice laser a tubi quadrati
Tagliatrice laser a tubi quadrati
Tagliatrice laser a tubi quadrati
  • Tagliatrice laser a tubi quadrati
  • Tagliatrice laser a tubi quadrati
  • Tagliatrice laser a tubi quadrati

Tagliatrice laser a tubi quadrati

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    Quantità di ordine minimo: 1 Set/Sets
    Termine di consegna: 20 giorni

Informazioni basilari

Modello: BLDH-5080

Condizione: Nuovo

Certificazione: ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 9001: 2008

Automazione: Automatico

Adatto a: Rame, Alluminio, Lega, Acciaio al carbonio, Acciaio inossidabile, Altro

Effective Cutting Width(mm):4200: 4200mm

Additional Info

Pacchetto: Scatola d'acciaio

marchio: Buluoer

Trasporti: Ocean

Luogo di origine: Città di Ji'nan, provincia di Shandong, Cina

Certificati : ISO9001

Porta: Qingdao Port

Descrizione del prodotto

Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine demand configuration

Bilateral drive with automatic ignition of the torch;

Standard: 1 flame, electric height adjustment;

With the domestic expert version of the nesting software, with a common edge, bridging function; optional Australian Fastcam nesting software

It can be added with 1-3 flames at the same time to cut, thus improving production efficiency;

It can be equipped with arc voltage automatic height adjustment and plasma power supply to achieve both flame and plasma.

Standard stepper drive

Flame perforation cutting carbon steel 5-100mm, edge cutting 260mm, cutting speed 0.5m per minute;

The thickness of the plasma cutting depends on the plasma power source. The plasma cutting speed is 2-4 times that of the flame. It is recommended to use plasma cutting within 20 mm.

The power supply adopts domestic well-known brands or American Haibao power supply, with high duty ratio and can work continuously for a long time; the price difference of power supply is very large, and the quality of power supply directly affects the cutting effect;



CNC flame plasma cutting machine, this model has beautiful appearance/low center of gravity/stable operation. It can be used with various CNC systems at home and abroad. It can also be equipped with any type of plasma cutting system to cut within the effective cutting range.


Beam / end frame

The beam adopts square tube welded structure, and the overall rigidity is good/high strength. Each guiding surface is precision machined to ensure the correct positioning of each moving body.

The unit drive of the two ends adopts the pull-open three-point positioning, the bilateral drive adopts symmetrical processing, and the center is stable, which ensures a good dynamic balance.

All welded parts are stress-treated to effectively prevent structural deformation.



The longitudinal guide rail is made of high-strength linear guide rail, and the top surface and both sides are precision machined by special grinding machine.

The horizontal guide rail adopts a double-axis linear guide rail with high precision/easy maintenance/durability.



The longitudinal and transverse transmissions are meshed with gear racks and equipped with imported precision gear reduction gearboxes, featuring high output torque/low noise/long life lubrication, thus achieving high-density precision positioning transmission.

Drag Chain

Drag Chain

All gas lines are centrally controlled by the central gas distribution system, equipped with a solenoid valve / pressure gauge / air regulator / continuous pulse automatic igniter, easy to achieve artificial intelligence control.

Cutting Torch

Cutting Torch

The torch assembly consists of a moving seat/lifting device/motor/torch/gas valve/tempering preventer/soft air pipe. The torch height adjustment mode has three options: manual/electric and automatic. When it is automatic, the torch will automatically adjust to ensure the cutting quality with the height of the steel plate.

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